20 thoughts on “Drug-Dependent Infants Detox at Tenn. NICU”

  1. Those hospitals that keep the moms in the hospital and babies rooming in with plenty of skin-to-skin hardly EVER need supplemental morphine, sleep much better, and leave the hospital within a few days. The mothers also do much better as they bond properly with their newborns from the start and feel more competent and hopeful as mothers (and are thus more likely to STAY on track with recovery). There’s no replacement for mom. Having these babies in the NICU for opioid dependency alone is what causes the most suffering for them. I know they think they are helping them by separating them and keeping in the hospital for weeks, but it isn’t necessary typically and is actually harmful. Also important to realize: mothers CANNOT go thru withdrawal while pregnant because they will typically miscarry. The standard of care (if they aren’t on it already) is to place them on drug assisted (replacement opioid treatment) using Suboxone, subutex, or methadone. Most babies then born and provided supportive rooming in care do really well long term and moms also do much better. Mom then can either stay on drug assisted treatment as part of their recovery or be gradually tapered off. We need to get smarter in treating these moms and babies so they have the best possible start.

  2. Get off the drugs BITCHES!
    Grow Up. Look at those little babies shaking. Terrible.
    Why should she even have access to that baby.

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  4. Don’t have kids if you’re a drug addict. It’s a dangerous zone to have to hope that you can stay clean during your pregnancy

  5. I wonder how these poor babies lives will be, if they will have other physical ailments or disabilities once they start going to school for example.

  6. Shame on you nasty pos mothers who did this to your babies , your weak and sick shameful , what have you done women, sorry doesn't cut it

  7. This is wrong, yes. I completely agree. but yall gotta have some compassion. You don’t know what goes on in these mothers lives that makes them take these drugs. addiction is strong. it literally rewires your brain

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