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Addiction Professional Dave Marlon of Solutions Recovery discusses on Face to Face with Dana Gentry about the increased usage and dangers of Synthetic Marijuana. It’s know as spice on the street and is legal to purchase. Solutions Recovery drug and alcohol rehab of Las Vegas is addressing this drug and its issue on a daily basis by offering rehab therapy and treatment to individuals suffering from an addiction to this and other drugs.

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4 thoughts on “Solutions Recovery Drug Alcohol Rehab on Synthetic Marijuana”

  1. It feels so great and motivating to have a clear, witty mind after years of MJ abuse. And not being afraid to relapse just adds to the good times. Tackling weed addiction can be tricky because it can take weeks to finally detox, but if you're giving your body what it needs, the cravings just disappear. Maybe try something like Nemery Thentel's website for a program that may make sense to you too.

  2. ▬▬► Hi friеnds. If уоu оr а lоvееееd onе nеeds hеlр with drugs оr аlсohоl аddiсtiоn CАLL ►►► 1-888-966-2616 (Toll-Free)
    Don't wаit until its tоoooо lаtе whеrе thеrе is lifе thеrе is hореее рeаaасе аnd blessings!

  3. I’ve learnt not to underestimate the simplicity of things ever since I’m weed free. Like this video a lot, reminds me of the website that Nemery Thentel’s Weed Liberator, or something like that, you might want to google it.

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