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9 thoughts on “ALCOHOL AND PCOS: 10 FACTS”

  1. I just found this channel and I was diagnosed with PCOS at the end of November 2018. I have never felt so happy to find a community and person that knows exactly what I am going through. I have just binged all of these videos and cried a lot over having a better understanding and connection. Just yesterday I had a break down of not having any progress and then this morning this channel popped up in my feed. I am almost ready to graduate college so it has been extremely hard for me to live a healthy lifestyle while going to school for a demanding and hard major. I am so happy to have found this channel, thank you!

  2. I've not had extra tests like my hormones. I'm in the UK and they don't seem to like to help at all. I got diagnosed last year Feb. I know alcohol is terrible for me plus I get bloated and eat terribly for days.

  3. Let me just say…I was just diagnosed with PCOS at the beginning of this year and I've been binge watching your videos ever since. They are so informative and you seem so real and down to earth. Thank you for being such an encouragement to me while I try to figure this all out and make it more of a lifestyle! Definitely have struggled with MAJOR fatigue after a night of social drinking…even if its just a couple glasses of wine, I feel like I need 10 plus hours of sleep to feel normal (but can never sleep after drinking!!)

  4. I've just been diagnosed with PCOS and am still having some extra tests for the doctor to get some more information, and while I've been panicking so much about it your videos have helped calm me down and get focused so much the last week or so ^^ I feel like there are so many categories of things to think about and your channel has been so helpful so far in breaking it down for me. Hope we can all conquer this PCOS and heal our bodies x

  5. This is a bit off topic but do you ever get hotflashes? I was diagnosed with pcos and get hotflashes on my cycle but I am not sure if its a pcos symptom or if it could be something else

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