20 thoughts on “Pete Davidson on Rehab and Working with Machine Gun Kelly in 'Big Time Adolescence' – Sundance 2019”

  1. Pete Davison is oddly attractive n hot n then there's this fine specimen @ Colson Baker/MGK. He's obviously super hot already but damn it's beauty on a whole another level here!! 💯 ✖✖😍😈🤘
    N that's strange that both of them are super attractive coz ppl look at Pete's photos n they're like meh.. but then you see him in interviews like these n you realize he's hot!

  2. So Cryer isn't Davidson's dad?
    The second I saw them both in the same room I thought "Oh wow how great! The guy who looks like Davidson's relative is going to play his father!"
    But okay… wah…

  3. If the entertainment industry can't find people with talent, they'll just find people who aren't talented to do the job… and if you they find enough untalented people to fill the empty slots, but tell everyone they're talented, no one will know the difference after a while. That's how we got Pete Davidson.

  4. Looking forward to watching this movie, it sounds great. Bonus points already for the sole reason i seem to be incredibly attracted to Pete Davidson… Hi Pete! 😛 haha… as if he'll ever see this. I very much wish.

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