My Alcohol Addiction is ruining my Life.. Alcoholic at University.

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an open letter (video) to my family and friends and to anyone who may be suffering from mental health like me..

((i will probably delete this video asap)) i don’t know if uploading this video of me just talking about how i feel will be the start i need to tackle my current mental health problems. i just can’t pretend that i’m okay for any longer. i’m so frightened i am going to lose my friends and they way they view me after this but i can’t let this spiral any more out of my control. i’m sorry if i’ve hurt you or let you down and i’m going to get better and change. love you all more than you know.

i suffer from binge eating disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, severe paranoia/anxiety, depression, alcohol addiction, mild bipolar and self confidence issues – if anyone has any help or ideas for any of these illnesses, please get in touch, any help will be apprechiated so much x

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love H x

Alcohol Treatment | Drug Rehab Center New York City

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Nobody wants to live in the nightmare of drug and alcohol abuse. Don’t let your substance abuse get further out of control. The counselors at Drug Rehab Center New York City have helped countless people overcome chemical dependency. Our facility uses the latest techniques of drug detox, therapy and pain management services in a safe, nurturing environment. We understand no two patients are the same. We’ll prepare a plan for each patient to help them reach their goal of sobriety. Take charge of your life and don’t spend another day in the prison of addiction. Call Drug Rehab Center New York City today at (347) 334-5179 or visit

Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 Black Bear Lodge – A Refuge for Transformative Recovery

Located in the serene forest foothills of northern Georgia, Black Bear Lodge is a place of solace and healing for those suffering from addiction and mental health issues. We are a residential treatment center offering a comprehensive integrated program that addresses the needs of the whole person—mind, body and spirit. Our system of care is personalized, evidence-based and research-proven. Patients can self-reflect and find strength for life change amid the beauty of the expansive sky and the natural tranquility that characterizes our location. We invite you to discover Black Bear Lodge and the new life that you can find here.

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Drug Rehab Treatment Rehabilitation Centers And Programs

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What is the best drug rehabilitation program? How do you judge a drug-rehab center or drug-rehabilitation programs? The best drug rehab or substance abuse treatment program is the one that works for you.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Drug Rehab And Addiction Treatment and Counseling
Conejo Equine Assisted Learning uses a relatively new addiction treatment approach, Equine Assisted Therapy. This treatment program involves unmounted and mounted horsemanship lessons provided by the therapeutic riding instructor, who is also a licensed mental health professional.

In both riding and the stable setting, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy provides powerful tools for building self-awareness, self-esteem, appropriate boundaries and a sense of personal responsibility.

Professional drug rehab includes detailed analysis of your situation, health and psychological screening. In equine assisted therapy, the client is asked to interact with a horse. The client is asked to lead, feed, groom or even catch a horse loose in the stables. While performing these tasks, the therapist observes closely, and by watching the horse, learns something about the client.

Are you struggling with cocaine, heroin, meth, alcohol or prescription drugs problems? Drug and alcohol abuse are just the symptoms of an underlying problem that needs to be solved.

Located in Westlake Village, near the San Fernando Valley in between Los Angeles and Ventura County, California, Conejo Equine Assisted Learning specializing in addressing the sources of drug addiction and sustance abuse problems, not just providing the client with drug rehab.

If you are in the Los Angeles or Ventura County, California area contact us for more information about our program.

Conejo Equine Assisted Learning
2239 Townsgate Rd.
Suite 107
Westlake Village, CA
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24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 Let’s nurture the seeds of recovery | Community Perspectives – Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Let’s nurture the seeds of recovery | Community Perspectives  Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Substance misuse and mental illness are far too common in Alaska, and every Alaskan who has been affected or touched by these diseases of despair has his …

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How Technology is Changing Rehabilitation (Techno-Rehab)

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How Technology is Changing Rehabilitation (Techno-Rehab)

Sargent experts across disciplines discuss how recent technology advances are reshaping rehabilitation. Hosted by Professor Swathi Kiran from the Department of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences, this panel discussion includes topics such as implications for brain plasticity, health care costs, patient reported outcomes, and the future of rehabilitation.

Specific topics include:
• Using computational modeling to better understand how the damaged brain functions and how it recovers. Also, how brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) help restore speech communication to individuals suffering from severe brain damage (Professor Frank Guenther, Department of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences)
• How recent advances in EMG and robotics are helping patients with stroke and other movement disorders (Kevin Berner, Department of Occupational Therapy)
• A software application that allows patients receiving physical therapy to perform exercises in their homes while clinicians can remotely monitor their progress (Terry Ellis, Department of Physical Therapy & Athletic Training)

Hosted by Boston University College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College, this presentation was a part of an online, virtual conference, “Health Matters,” which took place on September 17, 2015.

24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 UCHealth In Colorado To Invest $100 Million In Behavioral Health Services – OPEN MINDS

UCHealth In Colorado To Invest $ 100 Million In Behavioral Health Services  OPEN MINDS

On September 3, 2019, UCHealth in Colorado announced plans to invest at least $ 100 million over five years to enhance its behavioral health services. As part …

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John Hibscher – Why choose Hawaii Island Recovery, Alcohol and Drugs Treatment Center

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Clinical Director, John Hibscher is talking about the reasons why to choose Addiction treatment in Hawaii. Dr. Hibscher is talking about a very special program at HIR. HIR can individualized program because it’ s only 8 beds facility. Therapist at Hawaii Island Recovery can do EMDR or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which help clients with traumatic situations.

Orange County, following Costa Mesa’s lead, may regulate sober living homes – OCRegister

Orange County, following Costa Mesa’s lead, may regulate sober living homes  OCRegister

Asserting that local governments have the right to protect the character of single-family neighborhoods, the Orange County Board of Supervisors soon will …

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24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 Exercising To Ease Pain: Taking Brisk Walks Can Help – Georgia Public Broadcasting

Exercising To Ease Pain: Taking Brisk Walks Can Help  Georgia Public Broadcasting

For people who live with chronic pain, getting up, out and moving can seem daunting. Some fear that physical activity will make their pain worse. But in.

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