Should Babies See CHIROPRACTORS? 10 Week Baby Gets Adjusted!

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Should Babies See CHIROPRACTORS? 10 Week Baby Gets Adjusted!

Out of desperation after suffering for almost her whole little life, at 10 Weeks Old we took our Baby to A Chiropractor! We didn’t know what else to do, is it safe? We were a little hesitant but in this video you see she did great. So now we just wait and see if it helped!
Thank you so much for watching and we pray this is the answer we’ve been looking for❤️
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15 thoughts on “Should Babies See CHIROPRACTORS? 10 Week Baby Gets Adjusted!”

  1. She is hungry! Certain noises that babies make will let you know what they need… this case she is hungry

  2. I've been seeing a chiropractor since I was 18. She adjusted me through my difficult pregnancy and has adjusted my son too. Thumbs up from me.

  3. I'm 58 years old and I have been going to chiropractors since I was a child. I have often found that they fix a problem that the Dr cannot. Migraines disappear after a chiropractor visit, they help with colds and flu too. Just getting the blood flowing properly helps the immune system. Not taking any chemicals helps too. Which is why the pharmaceutical companies hate chiropractors!

  4. I took all four of mine to my trusted chiropractor from infancy. I think my first was about 2 on his first visit. He came with me and was interested so he had a minor adjustment.
    It became a normal part of our health care regime. As children, they said it was time to get their happy buttons pushed… My youngest called him the crack-a-backter!
    I've had some over the years I wouldn't take a child near but a good practitioner can make such a difference. I've been for years for sacro-iliac issues and migraines. It's the same for kids.
    Good luck. They looked so confident with her and loving, I'm happy for you

  5. Oh I always wanted to try that with my kids 😍🤗I haven't ever done that ,but I did have babies that had bad colic,acid reflux😥She is beautiful

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