Most Successful Drug Rehab Story -Addiction Treatment Centers in Orange County, CA

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There is no substitute for getting to one of the best beaches in the world and then being treated by the best addiction treatment staff in the world. See
When men and women come here addicted to substances from marijuana to OxyContin to inhalants to cocaine to good old fashioned alcohol, they will be given a personalized treatment regimen that will show them the benefits of living without using drugs and then also how great it is for their self esteem to be participating in therapeutic outdoor activities to build up their strength.

Be sure to check out Sober Living by the Sea’s website for many more drug rehab success stories and information about the various personalized treatment programs offered by this community of treatment centers in Newport Beach California.
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3 thoughts on “Most Successful Drug Rehab Story -Addiction Treatment Centers in Orange County, CA”

  1. Nice video on this story.  You know, it's never easy to admit to having a problem.  It's even harder to ask for help. I hope this video encourages people to call and get help.

  2. Drug rehab and treating drug addicts like patients is how to deal with narcotics in America because it collapses the narcotics market putting narcotics dealers out of business. 

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