Step 2: Hope – Preston’s Story about Drug Addiction Recovery

24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 Preston was living in a basement with his brother, who was also addicted to heroin and cocaine, when their intense cravings finally drove them to steal. Preston wondered if he could ever be forgiven, so he prayed to find out. The hope he felt in response to his prayer was the beginning of a miraculous recovery.

Step 2 – Hope: Come to believe that the power of God can restore you to complete spiritual health.

Those who face addictions often struggle with the consequences of their choices for many years, sometimes for their whole lives. The outcomes that are portrayed in this video series do not reflect the possible range of outcomes that may be experienced by others. If you or someone you love is experiencing these challenges, or would like more information about addiction recovery, please visit

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40 thoughts on “Step 2: Hope – Preston’s Story about Drug Addiction Recovery”

  1. Hey guys. Don't give up. I know the 12 step ARP works, it is inspired. I have been through it several times as I have struggled with more than one addiction. Just don't give up. The Savior will help us and remove our weakness and lift us up. Trust in the Lord and Don't give up. Thank you for these beautiful videos that have helped save my life. I was excommunicated more than 10 years ago but will soon be baptized….. Because of this programme and The Atonement of Jesus Christ.

  2. God help me today. Keep me today. Bless me, and all of us who struggle. Help me remember the pain of captivity. Help me choose sobriety and freedom today.

  3. Preston, I am proud of you and feel I want to give you a big hug brother! I have tears in my eyes always when I am watching this video! And believe me I am watching it probably every day since I saw it for the first time! Thank you all who made these video and Mormon Channel for sharing! I felt lost so many times and unworthy of God's love but He's there, He is really there!

  4. Preston – I am not sure if you read any of these comments but I am in awe of the changes you made in your life…. Being a group leader for the ARP programe has been inspiring to me and so helpful and is a blessing to even participate in such a inspired program…. I wonder though how you are and pray that you are travelling forward and you're well…. I wonder how is your brother? I hope he made the same choice as you and he is well. thank you

  5. "And I saw these guys, and they seemed happy. And I wasn't happy; I didn't feel deserving of God's love."
    That was my first experience with the Church- a determined Young Women's leader pushing me into a Sunday school room excitedly and me surrounded by happy people.

    That leader changed my life forever.

  6. Fallen and at the end of my rope
    I prayed to know if there was hope
    I was wrapped in love and lifted in peace
    God would help my addictions to cease!

  7. Heroin addiction is like being possessed by a demon. I totally understand this "I felt like I had to use like I had to breath" .

  8. So inspiring. Crazy what people go through and then are able to bring that all back into recovery and go back to living a happy life. Makes me grateful that I have the amazing life I do. 🙂

  9. Amen only when I got on my knees (I felt His love too) and begged Him to take it from please, take this craving away! Did I finally get it. He listened I been clean 11 years 11/1/2016

  10. I wonder how many lifes this guy has saved…? I tried to stop 'cause of these songs, BUT:
    I'm starting rehab tomorrow because shit took me to hospital twice 'cos I went cold turkey…
    really wish I could of done it without this, but if this is what it takes I'm integrated to it.
    Planning to stop with the program in a year or half… have to go with the long way but that'll work!
    But only because I'm confident about it.

  11. Great song Glad he told his story and that he continues to inspire people. Drug addiction should be talked about more to help warn others of the consequence's one bad decision can make. Anyone who have battled/seen someone battle drug addiction, I hope you or yours get clean and manage to turn your/there life around. 1 day clean/sober is the start of 1 week that can become 1 month and turn to years. Stay strong xx

  12. I was living on the streets of rochester ny. Struggled with addiction for 7 years for me that felt like 70 years. My mother used to look for me on Clinton hoping I was just alive. I'm hear to tell you I'm alive today 3 years 9/9/16. A house of my own my own business I just got engaged. I'll tell ya materials don't matter I'm finally happy without a substance to make happy.

  13. How????? Nigga I'm a fuckin fiend G how did you do that…super impressed…and once again WOW…MY STOMACH IS HURTING IF I DIE IM GLAD I HEARD THIS…DAY 14 NIGGA METHADONE

  14. Thats actually what is reality.
    He in collab with Tom Macdonald. They will RIP apart those who fake and what reality is

  15. Legit get chills every single time I listen to this song. But this song gives me hope to stay clean…and gives me hope for my mother in rehab at the moment. All your songs give me hope brother I love your music. 💯💯🤙😍

  16. 2 days clean, from the 14th of August. I don't wanna ever go back to it ever again. I lost my girlfriend in 2016 as I chose to smoke at home instead of going out on a date with her. She went out on her own and got into a car accident and I lost her right there. 3 years now being in and out of it, but I no longer want to be relying on it any further

  17. Scary how Much of your song seems to be my story… 1 of my last friends from close to 20yrs now turned me on to this song only about a week ago, & i'm just amazed how easily he fit his story together…

  18. These words bring deep tears that only a number of us know! I am 3 years off a 12 year long hard heroin run, when I was a free man at least! I have brought my self from 200mgs of methadone 3 months ago and I listen to this shit every day to get through these horrible withdrawals and keep fighting the good fight my last few weeks of methadone then I'm finally off all the shit!!! 33 and haven't seen this clean shit since I got my license for the first time! Thank u man I know this shit is old but damn I love it!!!

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