What makes the family program at Recovery Ways special? | Utah Drug Rehab

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The Family Program is an integral part of the recovery process at Recovery Ways. The primary purpose of our program is to educate and support our patient’s families in the many ways that the family system has been impacted. We want to help family members understand their loved one in treatment and be able to help them once they are done with treatment. This program is often a big step towards restoring trust and forgiveness in the relationships that may have been lost because of the addiction. Addiction is commonly referred to as a “family disease” and people usually do not know how to start repairing the damage done by addiction with professional therapists understanding, communication, and trust can be done for everyone involved building a healthy foundation for a healthier future for the patient and their family.

Learn more about family participation in addiction treatment here: http://www.recoveryways.com/programs/family-participation/
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