Intervention: Bryceton is a Spice-Addicted Alcoholic (Season 14, Episode 8) | A&E

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Bryceton’s addiction to alcohol and synthetic marijuana tanked his ambition to be a singer-songwriter in this collection of scenes from “Bryceton.”

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Season 14
Episode 8

“Intervention” profiles people who have hit rock bottom in their addiction as they are confronted by friends and family seeking to intervene.

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20 thoughts on “Intervention: Bryceton is a Spice-Addicted Alcoholic (Season 14, Episode 8) | A&E”

  1. Spice is bad, the detoxing is terrible. The withdrawal symptoms and e worse than alcohol and heroin.

  2. My dumbass read "spice" And all I could think about was spice from like… Dune. The book lmao

  3. Oh man spice. Started smoking it to pass a drug test. It was odd… the high didn't last long at all.. and while at the same time there was no real withdrawal, all you wanted to do was smoke more. I would smoke my last bowl and then scrape the pipe clean and repeat that til I was smoking hot air. Now I smoke weed again.. when I'm out that's it, no big deal. With spice I was borrowing money just to spend five on a spice packet.

  4. Nothing wrong with spices! I put so many spices on my Italian foood EVERY DAY! What’s wrong with that?

  5. My fiance went through a spice addiction for about a year. He was really lucky to get clean when he did.

  6. He definitely ran away to get high/drunk once last time at his friends house before treatment lol

  7. And here I am ripped and single and actually respect women, and kill it in bed. Yupp, that's fair.

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