Pt. 1: Chiropractor Poisoned to Death – Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen

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Mary Yoder was the picture of health, so when she started vomiting and having diarrhea out of nowhere, it was a huge cause for concern at home. 48 hours later, she was dead, and investigators eventually discovered that she had been poisoned. Crime Watch Daily’s Michelle Sigona has the story.

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Deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and joint stretching techniques for scoliosis. This clip taken from Erik Dalton’s Motion is Lotion dvd set with special guest Paul Kelly demos treatment for a structural scoliosis. There is a functional component to almost every structural scoliosis but these mobile segments must be properly treated with massage and corrective exercise therapy.

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40 thoughts on “Pt. 1: Chiropractor Poisoned to Death – Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen”

  1. I notice chiropractors are turning into naturalpathic practices.
    They sell 'cleansing' products, 'natural medicine' etc.

  2. Why would the host lady say if u don't have gout that a way to do it wtf did the host just give ppl a new way to kill ppl I would have not said that line .. don't give crazy ppl ideas wtf

  3. Talk about suffering. So sad. Bill did do it. The husband always does it! Both are liars, him & that traitor sister Kathy.

  4. I am 29 with severe case of scoliosis I need help how could I get help without insurance?

  5. its so uncomfortable to have this its odd to sleep and frusterating because i cant get a brace until my back hits 25 degrees. my collar bone is all wacky and uneven and just so annoying. i wish that there was a quick way out of it. but theres not. my right side of my chest is poped out then my left. personaly i think my back doctor king of succccs because hes not checking with all of hs mind. i dont kow but its just so awkward to have. sorry for the bad spelling

  6. It's sad to see scoliosis patient in school, they wear their backpack just to cover their back. They're conscious about how it looks from behind ☹️

  7. اني عربيه مابعرف انكليزي ماجاعد افهم عليهم بس متابع لحتى اشوف شو بدو يصير

  8. Lol just found out I got scoliosis yesterday when I had to go to the doctors to get vaccinated for college. Couldn’t stop laughing; I always had trouble standing up straight and my mom always complained about my posture. Funny to finally figure out what it was.

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