Take the Tour: Blake Recovery Center at Carrier Clinic

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Take the Tour: Blake Recovery Center at Carrier Clinic

If you’re wondering “what is rehab?” this video will give you an inside look into the new Blake Recovery Center at Carrier Clinic http://blakerecoverycenter.org, a top NJ rehab serving people seeking help for prescription drug abuse, heroin treatment, rehab for alcohol addiction, detox and help overcoming addiction to any drugs of abuse. Opened in April 2015, this brand-new state of the art facility is the exciting first phase of Blake Recovery Center’s expansion project. Enjoy the tour!
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The first clinic dedicated to helping drug-addicted mothers and their children has opened in Iran.
It is hoped that mothers trying to overcome their addictions will eventually be reunited with their children.

The clinic is a sign of changing government policy, as some of Iran’s 2.5 million documented drugs users are given help and not treated as criminals.

Al Jazeera’s Zein Basravi reports from Tehran.

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15 thoughts on “Take the Tour: Blake Recovery Center at Carrier Clinic”

  1. Iran is far better than Saudi Arabia. Despite the decades of Isolation, Iran is moving forward.

  2. Iran is forced to be a part of the golden cresent only by geography and neighbours.its soo natural that high avilability lf drugs will cause high users
    all the best

  3. I've read the comments and many people are saying this is not the first drug rehab…perhaps it is the first GOVERNMENT FUNDED drug rehab…is that a possibility?

  4. At-least Iran is trying, and look how organised Iran is, also very well sophisticated and modern thinking people overall. Iran has been isolated for 40 years and still way ahead of all their Arab neighbors, for a big Country their infrastructure has done had good progress through struggles of sanctions and all their sectors from medicine, to science has been growing throughout. Well done IRAN !

  5. 3 of my family members used these centers in last 25 years! How do you say firs center ?!!!! Just a normal google search about rehabs in Iran will help you Al–ra

  6. Good Job Iran! Now that you're becoming civilized, maybe the world will let you have nuclear power soon.

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