Dr. Sajan Hegde ( Sr. Consultant Spine Surgeon) Speaks on Renaissance Robotic Spine Surgery.

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Dr. Sajan Hegde ( Sr. Consultant Spine Surgeon) Speaks on Renaissance Robotic Spine Surgery.
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Pediatric Spinal Fusion To Correct Scoliosis

While the incidence of most sports-related injuries has been holding steady for the past two decades, injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) continue to increase significantly, particularly in female athletes. In fact, on many college teams, as many as 30 to 50 percent of young women have had an ACL injury during their high school careers in certain sports, such as basketball, soccer and gymnastics.
Watch pediatric orthopedic surgeons at Akron Children’s Hospital perform arthroscopic surgery to replace a young athlete’s ACL during a live OR Webcast on Tuesday, Oct. 17, 12 to 1 p.m. Kerwyn Jones, M.D., will perform the surgery, while Mark Adamczyk, M.D., will serve as the Webcast moderator.
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  1. Reply is Requested regarding L5-S1 Total Artificial Disc Replacement(ADR) Surgery? Which ADR they Use Orthofix M6-L Spinal Kinetics or Zimmer Biomet ESL Spine Currently ? Do You have contacts with EuroSpine Organisations or Barceleno Spine Centre or ONZ Germany who have expertise in ADR Spine Surgery? Minimally Invasive ADR considered Better than Fusion Surgery?

  2. you just wrote my life story, everything you said is exactly what happened/happening to me. only i had the surgery 4 years ago, not 5.

  3. I had surgery for my scoliosis march 2010, I was 16. My spine went from 24% to 85% in one year so I was rushed into surgery. It has been a struggle to deal with, even to date I am in constant pain which is distracting and makes it hard to study, especially with the medication I am on, oxynorm and Gabapentin. I have 2 40cm rods and 13 screws. Even though I am still having problems I wouldn't have changed a thing. Also the Rods are only their to hold the spine in place while bone fuses.

  4. Oh my god, I could have gone my whole life not knowing what my back looked like once they opened it up.. EW! I had this surgery in November 2010. And I was fused almost all the way. It sucks. If I could change anything about myself it would be that I wouldn't have my rods, because I can't bend my back at all.

  5. Alright. Someone please help. I'm 16 and I have a 39 degree curve in the lumbar region. I guess its called a cobb angle? But anyways, I am getting a brace but I may need surgery because not only is my spine curved, but I guess its twisted too :/
    And I was wondering how,If I get surgery, it will affect me in the long run? Will I be able to bend down & twist around? How long will it generally take me to recover?
    And won't it leave an ugly scar on my stomach?
    This really sucks.

  6. just had mine done a few months ago. very painful and long recovery. i still experience numbness across my whole stomach, rib area, and back.. pain when walking/ sitting for a long period of time.. not fun.

  7. @Strawberry1139 she will b able to walk my fren had a curve almost has bad as hers nd she walked nd i had a 60 degree curve at the top and 40 at the bottom and i was kinda afraid the first time i started to walk again…nd i went through alot of pain bcuz after the surgery while they gave a pain kill nd i was allergic to it so i felt pain for a whole 1 week in the hospital and after i go discharged out nd when home.She will b ok…bucz i thought i wouldnt mk it bt i do n it 7 months nw n am good

  8. I had this surgery (thorassic 45º curve) I was out of the hospital in a few days and off the major pain meds in two weeks. The only thing is that instead of putting the bone graft around the metal, they put artificial bone next to the spine

  9. So sad that people go through this not knowing there are other options. CLEAR Institute specializes in reducing scoliosis without surgery or bracing. I have reduced my thoracic curve by 16 degrees and my lumbar curve by 14 degrees so far. No rods, no scars, no recovery!

  10. i watched this after my operation and i had no idea that the bone graft they took from my pelvis would be turned into something that looked like grated cheese haha 😛 glad that i had it done 🙂

  11. WTF?! IS THAT HOW IT LOOKS LIKE?! I might be having that operation, and now I'm getting worried

  12. I got rid of my Scoliosis at 38 without surgery using a Theraflex Machine.
    Search mjYU_fWhjU4 in the You Tube search box to see me having a treatment session. My back used to disappear behind my shoulder blade and a few sessions on this and now it’s visible along the whole back. Before and after photos on my Facebook Group : Scoliosis Cures and Pain Relief. Have a look, get your therapist to have a look and get them to get one

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