7 Celebs Who've Survived Rehab & Addiction

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7 Celebs Who've Survived Rehab & Addiction

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Hollywood! It’s a world filled with glamour, money, power… and addiction. Any place where there’s an excess of fame, influence, and money is likely to be fertile ground for our basest desires, too much access to drugs and alcohol, and not enough people who will call you out on your bad decisions. Therefore it’s of no surprise that celebs are among the most likely individuals to struggle with addiction in rehab. Most survive. Many thrive. And some spend a lifetime in and out of rehabilitation facilities. Today we’re bringing you 7 celebs who’ve conquered their demons in rehab and lived to talk about it.

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20 thoughts on “7 Celebs Who've Survived Rehab & Addiction”

  1. I'm an addict and I must say, if I had a shit ton of money I honestly do not believe I would do a drug or drink again. So many other things you can do to make you happy. Yes money does make you happy.

  2. Demi owns a rehab center and then overdosed in 2018 😂😂😂😂😂if that ain’t a celebrity for ya. Couldn’t be a role model if their life depended on it

  3. Ever notice how people support and show love for celebrities who struggle with addiction. But if it's a regular person everyone especially thier family thinks thier pieces of shit and abandon them. And its no longer a medical issue its a bad choice…

  4. Anyone here after Demi’s overdose so sad I hope she gets better I love her so much and my thoughts and prays are with her

  5. What the fuck? Did anyone else's not know about Zac AT ALL? Like I never ever once heard of this until now Omg…Glad he bounced back.

  6. Sex Addiction is yet to be recognised as an actual medical condition by those who practice psychiatry. It is not included in the 5th edition of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual for Psychiatric Disorders (DSM-V), and the next edition will not be out until 2023. Until then, there is no official criteria for the diagnosis of sex addiction because at this point, doctors are divided over weather it's an actual condition or a symptom of something else.

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