25 Facts About Alcohol To Blow Your Mind

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25 facts about alcohol to blow your mind, The good bad and the ugly we have it all in our 25 facts about alcohol

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25 facts about alcohol to blow your mind
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20 thoughts on “25 Facts About Alcohol To Blow Your Mind”

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  3. I feel like a lot of this is false. Also alcohol is not completely absorbed through the bloodstream. Around %20 goes to your stomach.

  4. never knew the blue eyes thing mabye that's why it takes so much for me to get fucked up or maybe cuz I'm half Irish maybe both lmao

  5. Amazing! Alcohol is one of poison! I found out today. Somehow, when I drink alcohol then disease is not cured. I quit smoking but I will drink alcohol some day. because tobacco is an addictive drug or medicine, so it causes hallucinations and escape of reality. But alcohol makes you stay comfortable in your real ruined life.

  6. Haven't had a drink in 2 and a half months… not looking forward to the hangover when I drink next. :S

  7. Wee well well, no surprise there with the blue eyed people having a higher tolerance to alcohol ! my husband fits this category. One Christmas he took his office (he owns the company) out to an expensive exclusive hotel for lunch and drinks, it began at 12:30 noon at 10pm (22:00) two of my neighbours found him blitzed cuddling up to a Renault car !!???? in the pouring rain. They took him home to me (WHY? I'd not have minded if they kept him) they had to help him up stairs to the bedroom. I somehow managed to get him out of his clothes but when my back was turned he fell onto the floor. I'd no option but to leave him there put a pillow under his head and threw a duvet over him (please don't say I'm not kind) He's 6 ft and weights about 16 + stones, maybe more, so I certainly couldn't lift him. You'd think with over 7 and half hours drinking – lager, champagne and champagne with brandy in it he would have the hangover from hell next day, WRONG he was bright eyed and bushy tailed but had a black eye when he'd fallen over and clung to the Renault car. Since then he tells everyone he knows the story and says he can't understand why he'd even cuddle a Renault? he can't stand them!! I personally stopped drinking alcohol when even a small glass of white wine would make me waken up about 2 am and become unable to return to sleep. I do however drink a little when I go on hols with my rent-a-drunk!! otherwise I'd end up drinking about 15 bottles of coke!

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