Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustment : How Chiropractic Manipulation Works

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Details of how chiropractic adjustments work, from spine position to the release of gas in the spine; learn this and more in this free online health care video about Chiropractic care taught by an expert.

Expert: Anthony Filardo
Bio: Certified chiropractic physician Anthony Filardo is a strength and conditioning specialist specializing in family and sports medicine.
Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin
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20 thoughts on “Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustment : How Chiropractic Manipulation Works”

  1. Dearest Doctor, I have L3 L4 and S1 have Disc herniation and now would you please tell me after my chiropractic Adjustment may be my back pain may gone but how the herniated disc will recover? Please let me know about it.

  2. well, docs, you can't define a profession based on your definition. Chiro docs do treat, do manipulate, and in this century, chirodocs don't necessarily adjust to release any "innate" but the body's innate ability to return function to dysfunctional segments and para-vertebral structures as part of an integrative approach to return people to their lives. whether that liberates some kind of innate neurological response in the CNS ….we'll see. Respectfully.

  3. 1 more, by inducing an inferior-superior, posterior-anterior vector, even though the vertebral body of targeted segment moves anterior to segment above, the superior facets are still distracting from inferior facets of seg. above, resulting in cavitation, therefore decompressing. this is in reference of the Z joints and not the Disc, to which " spinal decompression" is generally assigned, in which facets and discs are decompressed. I understand the doc may be misunderstood by a critic.

  4. realignment of the spine is a procedure that is observed, you don't have to "buy it" it is an observable fact, especially in sacro-occipital technique, orthogonal and gostead radiographs.

  5. realignment of the spine is a procedure that is observed, you don't have to "buy it" it is an observable fact, especially in sacro-occipital technique, orthogonal and gostead radiographs.

  6. well, think about it, by inducing flexion, the zygapophyseal joints undergo axial distraction (anterosuperior translation of inferior facets of segment above over superior facets of segment below), therefore decompression.

  7. That's hardly an answer. Basically thats what you learned, therefor it is. Facts are proven, subluxation and nerve flow theory have never been proven. Validate this factual school of thought for me. Explain how cranial nerve function can possibly be effected by a vertrebral manipulation – Palmer's epiphany.

  8. You don't "buy" chiropractic theory, it is fact. Those in the profession that have had proper and accurate education know and those that don't, such as yourself, pretend to know.

  9. No one is forcing you to "buy" the chiro. theory as you are not forcing me to "buy" medicine's germ theory. Iif the germ theory was correct we would all become sick, and all of us could die at the same time. It's all about immunity and resistance to opportunistic virus, bacteria, and fungii. This is where chiropractic is at.

  10. You answered my retort for me. To the layperson "…most commonly known as spinal manipulation…" To the chiropractic doctor "… also called chiropractic adjustment". I belong to the ICA which uses the term "Adjust", no correction needed here.

  11. I like what he is claiming to do rather than your "adjustment" rationale. Underlying meaning is adjust subluxed vertebrae and realign the spine which is the chiro theory I don't buy. However why is no one challenging the biomechanics flaw that he is "decompressing" the T/S by flexing´╗┐ the vertrebrae. The T/S manipulation he performs is causing anterior – posterior translation of segments not flexion.

  12. If that is the case why do nearly all state practice acts state "manipulation?" Also, here's a description right off the ACA's website – "The most common therapeutic procedure performed by doctors of chiropractic is known as spinal manipulation, also called chiropractic adjustment. I guess you should contact your representing association and correct them too.

  13. drwilby, we're with you on these very important points: Chiropractic doctors don't "treat"
    Chiropractic doctors "adjust", not manipulate.

  14. Lets use the correct terminology doc. Adjust is the correct term unless you are haphazard and gross in your care. See definitions.

    treat: to care for or deal with medically or surgically. (we don't treat)

    adjust: to bring the parts of to a true or more effective relative position.

    manipulate: to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one's purpose. (we don't do this either)

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