Southern Lawn Rehab – Bermuda – Part 2

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Bermuda seeding with Princess77. This is step 2 where we are doing most of the labor portion of the job. We need to get our 70% of the existing dead stuff, apply the seed, ensure good seed to soil contact, cover with Peat Moss of protection and apply Milorganite for a slow release push of nitrogen.

This job overall took about 7 full hours with a few breaks in between as it’s still in the higher 80s here in Florida!

Here is where I got my seed and I fully endorse their quality and customer service

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20 thoughts on “Southern Lawn Rehab – Bermuda – Part 2”

  1. Can you help me get a link to where you got this peat moss I can’t find the same one in Home Depot I’m from Dallas tx . 75159 zip code

  2. Hi man new subscriber I'm looking at planning some Scotts Bermuda grass gold glove in my whole yard on a house we just bought…… can I just areate and over seed and keep doing that over the years and Smother out the weeds or what I have to also spray way killer on the whole property and pull up I'm working with 26000 acres thanks

  3. Once the lawn is dead, why not burn the husks of the old grass? I did that years, ago, and the new grass came back with a vengeance (t's also an excuse to use fire🔥🔥🔥instead of hard work).

  4. Great video I aerated first then I followed these steps it’s been a week and still no sprouts. Any ideas of what I could do? I have a 5 x 15 area I’m working with in Kentucky.

  5. Another option is a Farmers Seed type place. If you live in an area that does farming. This is by far your best, cheapest option as they sale by the pound. I found a place that has been in biz for 90 years. They have their own ferts, several different types of seed, AND all the chemicals that the pros use. Eckroat Seed. I also found out the Stock Yards where they process cattle into beef. They sale um truck loads of compost (poo converted into fert) by the scoop. A front end loader full $75, you drive in with a pickup, and they start empty to your truck bed and when you say stop that is it..$75..

  6. Thank you from across the bay! I'll be starting this weekend taking over an law in disrepair with bermuda. Very helpful video!

  7. What part of the season did you start this? It's the beginning of fall, and my yard needs some rehab.

  8. Hey lawn care nut, I'm in N.C. I just moved here and previous owner left me a horror show,, my question is, what can I do now while it's 95+ degreees? should I wait to start step one?

  9. As a Professional landscaper here in Tampa I have to give you kudos. Milorganite has long been a favorite of my high end accounts. I like you get the fact you don't have to scrape the turf down to bare dirt. I use an Arnold dethatcher blade mounted on an old mower instead of hand raking. It gets up those crabgrass clumps you found. I also would seed with a drop spreader for even coverage and eliminate getting it where you don't want it. People diss on Bermuda (common and hybrid strains) but I have grown some beautiful lawns this way for less than St.Augustine, Zoysia or even poormans Bahia. If anything ever goes wrong just reseed not resod. Again great job.

  10. Going with bahia argentine seed with the same soil type in St. Petersburg. Would I follow the same steps for bahia seed and use peat moss LCN?

  11. If anyone has any suggestions for me, I'd greatly appreciate it… I'm in a bit of a tough situation at the moment. I'm in the process of my own lawn rehab, and things had been going pretty well, until last night. We received 2-3 hours of very heavy rain. I woke up this morning to see that small ruts had formed in a few places in my yard. Came back home later and got to give things a closer look, and it appears a lot of peat moss, Milorganite and Scotts Patch Master has been washed away. I'm most worried about the Milorganite since I can't even smell it anymore, leading me to believe very little is left. I'm not very sury how much seed was washed away, but i did notice that the rain helped to reveal some areas of the yard that had germinated pretty well. I still have an okay amount of Patch Master still holding up, so should I let things stay like they are until i see where a lot of grass is or isn't coming up, or should I go ahead and put down more seed and Milorganite?

  12. What what've happened if you hadn't put out the Bermuda seed, but instead spread the milorganite and some all purpose sand and let the original grass come back?

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