Cities Skylines: Springwood Water Treatment Facility – EP30 –

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In this series I will be building Springwood city in Cities Skylines. Subscribe, follow and help expand Springwood into a sprawling, vibrant region in my Let’s Build Cities Skylines series.

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20 thoughts on “Cities Skylines: Springwood Water Treatment Facility – EP30 –”

  1. TDT, I am new to the Cities Skylines scene and have been watching your series along with Pres’ Aramore and Falcon Falls, Strictoasters Seenu among others and think they are all amazing!

    I have been trying to do my own with untold amounts of enthusiasm and Springwood is definitely my inspiration! This city is amazing! The realism and layout amazes me, I get the urge to create a similar look and layout although my eye for scale is awful! 😂

    Keep up the amazing work with this and Downunder, and I do hope it keeps going to episode 200!!

  2. I wonder how much power this water treatment plant produces with all those turbines.

  3. I play this on console and (while I have unlimited money and all milestones) I love the challenge of building an area with roads and zoning and seeing what happens, this would be a lot of fun, too. I would love to take a map of my home town and build it on the PC (with some creative liberties of course – like building an international airport that actually looks like an international airport).

  4. If you want to look at some cool suburbs for inspiration, suburban Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT in the U.S. in the New York Metropolitan area would be cool for inspiration. Especially HPN regional airport. Been watching since ep 17 and I love Springwood! Wish my Skylines worked smoothly lol

  5. Man I can’t wait for my Cities Skylines to get its shit figured out so I can build something amazing like this

  6. For anyone who may read this, my cities skylines keeps crashing, it'll load up, run for a little bit, be kinda slow than crash, says that an error has occured than some numbers, any ideas on how to fox that becauss im not a computer person at all lmao

  7. I've been trying to build a new city along the same theme, however no matter what I try I just can't get the same colours! I have the theme, the LUT, map type changer to set it to temperate, and daylight classic, any recommendations to get the same look and feel as this city? It's absolutely beautiful

  8. make a detroit style city like shitty buildings lowriders cars if you can get some and graffiti and pawn shops.

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