Scoliosis relief for patient thanks to Loyola Medicine spine surgeon

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Mary Pat Sieck hurt all the time from severe scoliosis (curvature of the spine), and it kept getting worse. Ms. Sieck needed a cane to walk, and was told that without surgery she would end up in a wheelchair. Loyola Medicine spine surgeon Russ Nockels, MD, corrected her deformity with a major surgery performed over two days. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit or call 888-584-7888.
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Learn all about what Children’s Hospital Colorado surgeons do during Scoliosis surgery to help straighten out spines and prevent the Scoliosis from returning.
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20 thoughts on “Scoliosis relief for patient thanks to Loyola Medicine spine surgeon”

  1. Inshallah my back dodsnt get to 30 degrees but last time i went to my doctors they said it was at 28 degrees. But i have a question, after the surgery will i get back pain? I see people have back pain after surgery

  2. Don't get this surgery please it keeps you from growing it's better to use exercise depending on the curvature.

  3. I have the same problem, but i don't take surgery. Now i'm 20 year's old. And i'm from Bangladesh. What do i do???

  4. I’m 12 years old with a 25° curve, do I need surgery? (The doctors are trying to prevent me from surgery)

  5. I’m 13 and today went to the doctor and I have a really really high chance of getting surgery this year. I’m so scared

  6. Sir please reply I am also effected person my age 30. I am suffering 20 years but now I am economically ok. I feel now go to treatment for my back bone. Can you please inform this is possible are not

  7. I am 11 and I was born with it and I am getting it tomorrow and they said that I'm not able to do dance anymore and I am SCARED

  8. I had this surgery. (This is only my personal experience the girl who was next to me had hers done and she was out of the hospital within 3 days.) but as soon as I had my surgery, I was waking up from the anaesthetic, my body went into fight or flight and I ended up punching the surgeon in the face Lol. I apologised afterwards. But fast forward about 3 months (now) me and my Mum noticed that my pain wasn’t getting any better. So we went back for a consultation and It turns out that they think that either them or I (when I woke up and was rolling around the hospital bed) had somehow pierced a nerve with one of the screw things. But I am on gabapentin. Which pretty much completely gets rid of the nerve pain so it’s all good now. I have a CT scan in a few days to see what can be done. My scar is my most favourite thing on my body I love it so much it is amazing!

  9. I'm 30 years old with a 2 year
    If I have to get this done
    How long I have to be on Bed Rest?
    I can't do Bed Rest
    That's why I don't want this done

  10. I really want this surgery. I only have moderate scoliosis, but it is really ugly and causes pain.

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