20 thoughts on “Alcohol Help – Long Boring Nights – What Do Others Do Once They Quit?”

  1. Since stopping drinking frees up more money, start learning how to be self-sustaining. Learn how to make things, provide for your own needs: sewing, candle making, knitting, leather work, car repair. Good grief, the list is endless. If a person has money, time, and better health there is no need to be bored. If you like people, volunteer. Drinking is boring, living is interesting.

  2. There was tons of things I wanted to learn but never had time to because my evening were consumed by consuming alcohol. Learn about nutrition, most drinkers have been neglecting that. Exercise will burn an hour or more. Learn a language. Take a dance lesson, "not at the pub". Most importantly change your mindset from "long boring night" to "incredible new free time to use".

  3. To fill boredom I’ll watch your videos 👍🏼 a constant reminder. There’s also Netflix , millions of movies, music videos, the gym.

  4. I appreciate your video. Boredom to me is a mindset. If I find myself bored I too will walk or pick up an instrument. Imagination floods back when you put down the booze for awhile.

  5. 16weeks sober! BOTTOM LINE you pick up that glass containing alcohol and you have failed. Remember you are incharge up until that very point!
    Drink 0% alcohol drinks such as beer, cider or apple juice in a whiskey glass! Enjoy a virgin mocktail and be yourself!

    Drinking alcohol makes you fun?
    No. Alcohol gives you a loss.

    Strong cravings?
    It will go! Time them, phone a friend do ANYTHING and get your mind off the heavy dark cloud of alcohol off your head!!

    Do Not Quit being sober!

  6. I work graveyards at an adult care facility, so for the past 4 years I've had plenty of alone time, which can definitely trigger the urge to tie one on. Netflix and hulu have been helpful for sure.

  7. i know what ur saying ..i have cut down on my drinking ..but i enjoy being drunk ,to me being sober i feel like a coward and im scared of social situations , when im drunk i can take on anything and everyone ..being sober (which i have done ) i feel shy and small ..how do i overcome this ? i do not have many people to turn to because all of my friends are drinkers so me not drinking isolates me from them ..when if if i were to push the "fuck it " button i would feel something ..

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