best results chiropractor in USA removes 20 years of pain – Part 1/3

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best results chiropractor in USA removes 20 years of pain - Part 1/3

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Shayn flew out from South Dakota because of his 20 year struggle with BACK Pain. He has seen over 11 chiropractors, went to various other doctors and even went to a Pain Management Specialist. The pain specialist HACK injected 16 shots into his back and did nothing. “How many shots does it take till these dumb Medical HACKs send these patients to real healers? Chiropractor?” Anyways Shayn’s symptoms are: Hip & Low back pain, Vertigo, Neck Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Jaw Pain, Shoulder pain, Constipation & Sleep issues. Please watch this important 3 part series taken over 2 weeks. See what REAL chiropractic can do. I hope you enjoy.
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20 thoughts on “best results chiropractor in USA removes 20 years of pain – Part 1/3”

  1. Shayn, the pain you mentioned could have been like labor. An injection right by the spine? Egads!

  2. @socalchiropractic What I find interesting is that the patients come in very casual looking in their appearance. Some don’t even seem like they care about what they look like because they are in so much pain. But after they are treated, and feel better at subsequent visits, they are dressed nicely. Without the fog of pain, it seems they want to put their best foot forward and look their best especially in front of the camera. Taking away the pain makes them happier on the inside, so they show it on the outside! Pretty cool! 🤙🏼

  3. Can't wait for the upcoming vids for this patient and have him speak on his own regarding the results.

  4. Exactly I only chasing Tornados no more symptoms.
    One thing I have to say Doc I will be 35 years in 14 days. At the intro, I realized that you are fitter than me! A belated Happy Birthday Kailie.
    Greetings assistant and sock account CM

  5. Do you, or anyone else on here, know of any chiropractors that can be compared to you with your knowledge of fixing the body in the northern CA area? More so around the Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, Nevada County areas?? Can't be one of those who travel to get this done, and don't want some random doctor who will just adjust away with spots that are the key.

  6. You are amazing Ace;Shayn already can see the difference in your adjustments and so can all your viewers.Great job as always!!!

  7. Alot of fucking years 😂 dont be sorry. 20 years a pain is worth saying the f word

  8. Hey doc. Love your videos! Would you recommend seeing a chiropractor over a pulled muscle in the lower back? Any tips?

  9. He only does one adjustment to the neck. He never addresses any other painful areas in his patients. Im skeptical.

  10. Did I touch your back? Did I manipulate your back? Did I massage your back? Did I walk on your back? 🙂

  11. As a chiropractic student, I have watched and talked to Dr.Thayer many times via his channel. One thing that troubles me is the use of language on his video's, many times saying things like "messed up"; which really is not something a Doctor in any field should say to a patient. This time I have heard him use the word "hack" when referring to other types of doctors, this troubles me because were are a team. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, we take the high road and let our treatment speak for us. I do not like to see or hear of name calling because we do not like ma certain type of treatment. In medicine, were are team for the patient, as the primary care and the chiropractor being the first contact.

  12. Lolololololol Ace some people may think you're turning into a bad guy or something, nnnnaaaahhhh.

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