Top 3 Exercises That Fixed My Back! QL + Erector Injury Rehab

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Collaboration video with Dr. Lauren Polivka on how we were able to rehabilitate my back after a bad sprain to the QLs and my erectors locking up. Talking you through the exercises that worked the best for getting me back on the platform asap!

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20 thoughts on “Top 3 Exercises That Fixed My Back! QL + Erector Injury Rehab”

  1. Some of these are too technical with breathing in sometimes and out other times. Without a trainer showing me I can't do this crap

  2. Ohhh! ooohhh! Had to stop watching! Am I the only one that feels that needle going in and out?? Is that without local anesthesia? And she's so calm too — does she not feel it?? Okay.. gonna watch the rest but FF through that part!

  3. This was so much help for me! My lower back has always been an issue to the point where it has put me out of training for a few days.

  4. Thank you so much for releasing this video! My QL has been tight over the past few months, and despite daily lacrosse ball/stretching, it can't seem to release all the way. Running into this video was a HUGE win for me, and I can't wait to try out these rehab exercises!!! I'm a big fan of Dr. Polivka (love her instagram page) and I would personally love to see y'all team up and release more content related to weightlifter/CrossFit rehab. One thing that would help in future videos is if Dr. Polivka can explain the "why" behind each exercise, what the end goal is, what each rehab exercise is aiming to do, etc. Thank you SO much once again!

  5. you require my woman who is double master at massage and everything else she would sort your whole body out she does my back and anything else that's tight or out , massage would be better than that as it relaxes the muscle groups and the healing oil gets to work on everything leave it on over night , first find yourself a double master .

  6. part of your trouble is the fact you don't wear enough warm clothes whilst training and you cool down Courtney wears sensible clothing so should you it's damn dirty in that place and you cool down faster than you think

  7. Recovery is so important. This was an awesome video…I think it would be great to do an ongoing recovery series.

  8. Great info in this Video. Thanks for sharing this with your followers Kris. I hope to find a Dr. in the Phoenix area that can help.

  9. Oh, I'm definitely going to try these exercises, so far I've been doing mainly pool work.

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