How Your Spine Affects Your Health, Why Chiropractic Is NOT Just for Neck & Back Pain

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Learn how chiro can improve hormone balance, digestion, eye sight and more.
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Dr. Echols answers common questions about chiropractic and how it supports the health of your entire body– hormones, digestion, nervous system, stress management and more. Learn how Applied Kinesiology can help you improve health & wellness.

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17 thoughts on “How Your Spine Affects Your Health, Why Chiropractic Is NOT Just for Neck & Back Pain”

  1. 5 minutes in and still no cracks… wow… this video was ok with information but lacking in cracks.

  2. Hello, Dr.Echols I have a question for you surrounding someone who has both a connective tissue and nerve disorder paying a visit to a chiropractor. I have mixed connective tissue disorder (MCTD) as well as hereditary neuropathy with pressure palsy (HNPP) stupidly long names I know but I was wondering if a person with nerve damage and very delicate nerves go to a chiropractor? I suffer from chronic pain due to my disabilities and I thought to see a Doctor like yourself would help but hearing you say that it's all about nerves worried me a little as I can get temporary paralysis from excess pressure on my nerves, they can last months or years and of course I don't want that. So my query here is in your opinion would it be good for me to see a chiropractor? Should I consult with my Doctor first before or just make the chiropractic Doctor aware of my problems? And of course thanks for the educational video 🙂

  3. Watched a YouTube video a few years ago. There was a guy laying face down on a table, and the chiropractor/doctor felt up and down his spine. Every so often, he proclaimed that he had found a bulging/herniated disc, did a manipulation, and pronounced it cured. My back (L5-S1) has been fucked up for 40 years. I've been "around the block" many times. Nobody is curing these kind of problems with a simple twist and yank of the spine. IMHO is chiropractic worthless? No. When somebody's back has "popped" or "gone out", and they're crawling on the floor writhing in pain, an adjustment can bring them back to where they can get more functional. They can get better quicker. But nobody is going to cure them, and give them the spine of a teenager. The weakness is still there, and they're going to be susceptible to their back going out forever.

  4. I see a chiropractor 2-3 times a week for headaches, to restore the c-shape of my neck and a bad back…my bf for herniated discs and hypertension…..

  5. This is NOT the 5 O’Clock Free Crack Giveaway.

    It’s okay, my homie Dr. Echols will crack ‘em next time. Hope you ready for the next episode.
    Crack backs every day.

  6. Chiropractic is the biggest form of quackery I've ever seen, and this video easily proves it. It's a joke that you still refer to yourselves as "doctors."

  7. I got to spend some time with a chiropractor not to long ago and I learned there's so much more to it than I thought!

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