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My name is Jacob Robertson, I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah. A long time ago, clear back in 1996, is when I found my addiction.

My father passed away, and I got with some friends, smoked weed for the first time, and within a week I had done a lot of drugs. It seemed to take away a lot of pain for me. I have been using alcohol and drugs ever since up until 10 months ago.

I have a little boy, got into a car crash with him in the car, just a single car crash. I fell asleep at the wheel doing 90 miles an hour, and hit a rail guard. Somehow walked away from the unscathed. No police involved, nothing.

And then I just got really sad, I just couldn’t do it anymore, and I decided I was going to take my own life. I cooked up enough heroin, that I thought would get the job done, and it didn’t, thank goodness.

I checked myself into the University of Utah hospital, asked for some help, and found Recovery Ways through them. They helped me find Recovery Ways.

I definitely want to give a thanks to Recovery Ways, they were amazing, and I know I wasn’t easy to deal with. But they hung in there with me. They gave me a lot of options on how to do this. You know, they never gave up, even when I was not at my best attitude. They kept with me.

I would say to anybody that’s thinking about it, just to trust them. They know what they’re doing, they definitely have our best interest at heart, I know they did mine. I’m forever grateful. Anything I could ever do to give back to Recovery Ways I would be there in a second, so thank you.

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What sets Recovery Ways apart is definitely their staff, but more specifically their alumni program.

They do a really good job of reaching out to patients after they left the program. After I left, I had a specific person who was my alumni coordinator. And she called me multiple times a week just to check in. She was there all hours of the night if I needed to call her.

She was there to make sure we got involved in sports and all the other activities that were going on with people in the recovery community. She was just that segue to get into the recovery lifestyle and meet more people who are in recovery, but maybe didn’t go to Recovery Ways.

The alumni program does a really good job of just keeping everyone together as you leave inpatient.

I’m still really close, that’s probably who I’m most close with is the alumni staff. Because they are there to help people who are years out of treatment. You could be out of treatment for five years and they’re still going to be calling you up to see how you’re doing.

They truly truly care. They are always thinking of new things to set up for the alumni. Whether it’s Friendsgiving, or a Christmas party, or something, they are swooping in. And they are coming up with any and all ideas to get alumni to stick together.

Community is where it’s at. Community is the way you’re going to survive in in the recovery world.

Recovery Ways will definitely help get you back on the right path to succeed in life.

If you or a loved one are looking for help please contact Recovery Ways at 1-888-986-7848.
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