They want me to go to wrist rehab but I say no no no

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They want me to go to wrist rehab but I say no no no

Trying to play guitar again after my wrist surgery, at least now I have an excuse from my shity playing
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40 thoughts on “They want me to go to wrist rehab but I say no no no”

  1. Hey Elmo hope your doing good l seen on the news about the Louisiana Church burnings crazy shit.

  2. Now that your wrist is getting better you might want to check out this cool new guitar channel. It's called six string planet.

  3. Same here. Still can't play, except since a week slide.
    Being unable to play definitely puts a damper on your mood.
    Healing bones is a slow progress.
    Wish you a soon recovery.

  4. You are going to recover just fine …I went through a very invasive surgery last year in the same area ….The pain, which will subside is no joy but look at the complex dexterity and movement you are displaying already . Those nerves are sending and receiving clear messages …..When an injury causes that shutdown , that's when one is truly Fucked…That shit never comes back the same if at all … That happened to an extremely talented artist I knew years ago who killed himself because painting was his whole life.

  5. Glad to see you can use it. You'll get there. I don't know what I would do if I could not play my guitars. It would drive me insane I think. Music and guitar is my release… some people drink a 6 pack or blow a blunt…. I play music.

  6. Dude take it slow. Had a carpal tunnel surgery that went bad and I can't move my left thumb. Can't play or even hold a guitar anymore

  7. even with you at your worst Elmo, is still better than Terry at his best lol I highly suggest the rehab Elmo, having been through some similar shit myself. They have great exercises in rehab to get your hands working properly again. seriously think about. It will help

  8. You were in tune & your guitar doesn't buzz like a beehive being raided by a fat canadian bear, so you're already playing better than some 'pro' YT players

  9. Good to see you with the guitar in your hand again. About 4 years ago I got my left hand caught in a lift gate on the back of a truck. Damn near took my middle and ring fingers out at the first joint and the tip of my pinky. Luckily they were able to stitch me back up, but it took 2 months before I could pick up a guitar. It was painful as hell to put pressure on those fingers for like another month, but it finally got better. I know your injuries a little different, but being you're able to chord and bend like that I think it will make you want to practice even more and you'll be back better than ever. Good luck.

  10. you dont need rehab, you just need to workout on a punching bag for about 3 hours.

  11. Good to see Elmo. Take your time would probably be good but I know how that can go.

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