The 12 Steps According To Russell Brand

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The 12 Steps According To Russell Brand

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20 thoughts on “The 12 Steps According To Russell Brand”

  1. 5 Realities
    * age
    *you must own your own actions
    Something to think about, something to live by.
    I tried the 12 steps of AA and NA, I'm done with that psych method.

  2. How has this reprobate tramp been allowed on Question Time? Says it all about the British Paedophile Corporation, – no shame, no standards – Jimmy Saville, this drug inspired champion of verbal diarrhoea. Also shows how retarded the British are because;-

    1) they fail to see that this twat is a major hypocrite
    2) they fail to see that he is not remotely funny.

  3. yo 'russ'?…..wen u go'in to do an 'interview with that lady jesus character?…u know da pne….uhhhh 'Teal Swan…Eh?…u dam 'fluffy blochead'!?

  4. Modern 12 steppers in the USA follow the same exact steps was what RB just ellaborated on. GO to a 12 step meeting and see for yourself.

  5. Russell brand your nothing but a hollyweird dick taking fucking sellout I hope you rot in hell you motherfucker Katy Perry is a transgender we all no the sheepell are waki g up

  6. My brother bought me this book and a fellow junkie fucking stole it. I really need another one.

  7. Well said! I'm going to recommend this to my substance abuse recoveree's…Many thanks!

  8. Very eloquently said. You have a way with words in which I'm glad you're doing these videos more often and working on yourself in a Positive manner. I have your Recovery book just need to find the time to read it. Can't wait.

  9. You´re such a fantastic men! the way that you explain the 12 steps are easy to understand for anyone, so tranks a lot and keep doing your amazing job, May Gob bless you.

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