Recovering addict opens rehab centre for youth

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Recovering addict opens rehab centre for youth

Erick Bouaziz’s own struggles with addiction led him to open up The Academy, a rehab facility geared towards youth.
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Buc Wild Still On The Run From The Rehab Center

STAR finally catches up with Buc Wild and tries to persuade him to go back to the detox program.

Troi Torain aka STAR and his step-brother Timothy Joseph aka BUC WILD started their media journey on MTV (Beat Suite) in 1999. In March of 2000 they started hosting the morning show on Hot 97 in New York City. Their aggressive and culturally mixed personas quickly surpassed Howard Stern for the number one spot among young listeners.

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23 thoughts on “Recovering addict opens rehab centre for youth”

  1. Good on him, you can never call down anyone who betters themselves and the community.

  2. "My nights always ended up with me by myself in my bed, scared, with a bottle of vodka."

    Erick Bouaziz's own struggles with addiction led him to open up a rehab facility geared towards youth.

  3. Wow this is some real shit right here, I love the honesty and respect he has for Buc, he knows he a bullshitter and still humours him and then hits him with some knowledge! KEEP IT REAL OG'S

  4. Well wtf does he get high on shit he look to healthy to be a crack head. He's sitting to still to be dope sick. Black people don't usually do meth so it must be pills or liquor😆😆😆😆😆😆 cuz it's definately not weed lmao

  5. Dang…you look alike. He just look like a dark skin version of you Star…lol. Anyway all jokes aside my family and I will pray that your brother turns a new leaf. Remember no one is hopeless and at least he admitted what he did…that's a start. Not to get too religious but as God never gave up on us continue not to give up on him. Prayer and faith works miracles I've seen it happen. Keep encouraging him to become a better man for himself and his kids because he's listening whether you think it or not. 🙏✌

  6. Star I just got turnt on to you past couple of months. I must say "I'M FUCKIN WIT YOU HEAAVYY"….

  7. thats not a cool thing to do in front of cameras to show you gave a grown man cash and calling him out on camera. Do it off camera idiot. that was cringe and embarrassing as fuck. everyone can tell the guy is battling addiction and issues. you dont do that to any grown ass man no matter how low they are in their life. Change? are you serious Starr? fucking stupid.

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