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  1. I remember learning about this program a few years ago and thinking how great it was until recently seeing that one of the poor dogs had been killed in one of the inmates cells! Glad it's not operating anymore, the most trusting and beautiful of creatures are too precious to be around violent criminals.

  2. Great idea. The guys learn compassion and responsibility. The dogs don't care and both have nothing but time. Every prison should do this. The cost – a fence and door – usually material is donated and they guys do the work. I don't see a down side at all!!

  3. We need this program at every prison so that there won't be a shortage of service dogs for those who need one. I have several patients who either need one or will need one, yet don't have the money to purchase a trained service dog and the waitlist for a donated service dog is long. Please support Prison Pet Partnerships in your area and contact your local prison and advocate for them to start one. Also, volunteer to help these programs, including becoming a foster family for transitioning service and paroled dogs.

  4. In Remembrance Of "Evie" A Rescue Dog Beaten To Death In An American Prison:

    A rescue dog was found beaten to death in an Ohio prison cell. Now an animal rescue group has pulled its animals from a program that paired inmates with shelter dogs, and the state is investigating what happened.

    Evie, a German Shepherd mix, was found unresponsive in a cell last month, according to a Facebook post from Joseph's Legacy Rescue, an animal rescue group in Middletown, Ohio. The group said Sunday that a necropolis on Evie showed she died of blunt force trauma to her abdomen, which damaged her kidneys and caused her liver to haemorrhage –

    "We're all undeniably angered and overwhelmingly upset," the Facebook post said. "We have removed all our dogs from this program and (they) will not return."

  5. A great program. Every prison should have it since shelters are overcrowded and its good for the dogs and the inmates.

  6. Can you please find out about the poor dog that was "beaten to death in a cell" by one of the prisoners on one of these programs. I am actually feeling distraught about the event that happened recently : (

  7. "Cuteness is the only crime these K-9's are guilty of." haha, sounds like something Anchorman would say.

  8. Denise seems like such a wonderful person. She picked inmates because she could help them, not because she's making money off them… I hope she keeps doing that

  9. Do these prisoners really love these dogs or only MUST LOVE IN PRISON, because of the program? How do these prisoners treat these dogs at home? Dogs are the most tortured animals in the world. People who tortured dogs (or other animals) or mistreated them – can never again have more dogs, for the rest of their lives and this must be regulated by laws, ruled by a court verdict and upheld in every country around the world. Such people cannot work in any animal shelters. BAN DOG BREEDING. Do not eithanize dogs, do not kill dogs. The Dog can not be a thing for a program for prisoners, because the dog feels the same as a human, and for many people the Dog is like the best member of the family, but not used sexually. Sexually using dogs must be forbidden. DOGS MUST BE ONLY WITH THOSE WHO CAN PROVIDE THEM WITH THE BEST CARE AND REAL LOVE. This is a bad caretaker, who must love in prison – and a good cheater. Heshe, for sure, will be abusing them, yelling at them, not allowing them to eat and drink, when they’re hungry or thirsty. These dogs have only basic dog food which is not liked by dogs and is not healthy for them, these dogs do not know any other food because nobody gives them anything else. Dogs should eat boiled fish, boiled chicken breast, boiled turkey breast (they can other meat parts, but these are the best for them). Boiled beef is also good. An addition of well boiled and soft groats (white buckwheat, pearl barley) or rice (boiled in a large amount of water to get the bad stuff out) is necessary as well. Soft pasta, too. Add to that live oil or vegetable oil and some grinded vegetables like carrot, parsley, celery. But never garlic, onion, peppers or any other hot or spicy stuff. Some chopped green dill. Dogs have a special diet and they can’t eat many foods. Dogs must have access all the time to good bio-food (without artificial preservatives and not irradiated) for them that does not spoil. But the most important is a fresh, homemade meal, at least once a day – the same for puppies that require more meals and adult dogs. Several bowls of clean water that is changed a few times per day is critical for them. Don’t forget about a litter box at home that they must be taught to use and must be available at all times. Taking out the dog for a walk in a very safe place, so that it may get fresh air and movement is crucial for good health and well being. Dogs were and are loved, since hundreds of thousands of years. It’s terrible that there are many bad owners, many people abuse dogs, torture and butcher them. Dogs are also being used for food – which is opposed by many people around the world. Many extraordinary people had dogs and many do now. The dog has been man’s best friend, though other animals served that role as well. Dogs were worshiped as gods in parts of Europe (the cruelty of other cultures and wars, including religion unfortunately, have destroyed the great love and humane feeling towards dogs, as well as the religions that worshipped them; humanity has begun to mistreat dogs, abuse them, butcher them, train them, hate them, use them for other purposes, kill them and use them for meat). They are loved by many like human children, puppies or adult – but remembering their specific needs to which they have a right and which deserve respect. Dogs must eat in a calm atmosphere, like we need it. Does this owner eat one or several meals per day, being yelled at and forbidden to eat until allowed, being interrupted during consumption?

    Does this owner eat one or several meals per day of the same type, like these dogs? Everyone needs a balanced diet for health and taste, because no one can withstand the same type of food all the time, which not only makes one puke, but also causes ailments. But the dog must eat what the gives, out of hunger. Love dogs because they deserve it and take are of them very well. owner eat one or several meals per day of the same type, like these dogs? Everyone needs a balanced diet for health and taste, because no one can withstand the same type of food all the time, which not only makes one puke, but also causes ailments. But the dog must eat what the gives, out of hunger. Love dogs because they deserve it and take care of them very well. A dog must be frequently taken out for a good walk, to a park, every day and be able to run enough in a safe place for his health (for the muscles, for the heart, for the joints, and to get enough fresh air). BAN DOG BREEDING.

  10. Oh the black puppy is sooo cute ^^ great method! Why doesnt every prison use this?

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