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Substance abuse recovery is one of the best and most qualified Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Center in the country, we offer a unique treatment plans and different kind of therapies, treatments and programs that fit to patients of all ages who have decided to accept treatments and take one step closer to recovery. We surely provide and give enough assistance to one individuals need. Our rehabilitation center know that drug dependency is a curable condition and should be treated seriously, No single treatment is appropriate for everyone. These treatment includes long term treatment, short term treatment, outpatient treatment, individual or group counselling, after care to prevent withdrawal after rehab.
Substance abuse recovery is designed to treat individual’s dependency we teach individuals to learn the skills they need to get clean and drug free.
Substance abuse recovery is a trustworthy Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Center that deals with drug addiction. Our highly trained clinicians know exactly what, when and how to manage special treatments and techniques. Our facilities have a unique and comfortable atmosphere that can help to your recovery. Through this you can turn your life around and start a new life.
End the vicious cycle of drug dependency. If you or your love ones are suffering from drug addiction and to know which treatment program will work best for you


Simply unbelievable!
I could really tell as soon as I contacted Substance Abuse Recovery that I was speaking to a friendly, understanding person. They helped me into rehabilitation instantly!
— Victor, California Jun 29, 2013


Very best facilities by far!
Everything at Substance Abuse Recovery was so fantastic – from the house to the rehab facility – that I could not even believe I was actually in rehabilitation. I wouldn’t go any place else!
— Thomas, California Jan 28, 2013


I assumed that treatment would be a waste of time because there wasn’t anybody that could understand me or my problems with substance abuse, which seems to be slightly typical among addicts. Substance Abuse Recovery program proved that I was wrong, though, and now I’m sober and happier than I’ve been in quite a while. Most of my housemates felt similarly after they first arrived at rehabilitation, however, because of Substance Abuse Recovery counselors and personnel are addicts in recovery themselves, you fit in and are welcomed. I realize that they gave me back my life, and without them I would most likely be on my own on the streets, continue to use and miserable.
— Mitchell, California Dec 14, 2013


Effective program!
Substance Abuse Recovery determined, supportive rehabilitation program helped me stay sober when nothing else worked. I really wanted my family members and my old life back again, so I knew I would have to get into an effective rehabilitation facility. With their assistance, I am now clean, and I’m finally feeling cheerful!
— Leslie, California Nov 18, 2012


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Learn about the value of a rehab center for recovery from addiction and substance abuse.
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  1. Nice job! I like the 'laid back' style and sincerity.
    The Doc Pete

  2. That's where most addicts go wrong when they enter a facility such as a Rehab, they don't listen to the messages alot of times they think we don't care, that we are there only for the pay, I'm here to tell you that's not so to become a Substance Abuse Counselor one must have a passion for helping others.
    Congratulations on your sobriety, God bless you, now go and live your life the way our good Lord intended us to………

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