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*SHOOTING* Pain down the Leg Fixed by CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT by Dr Joseph Cipriano DC. Dr Joseph Cipriano makes loud neck cracks, loud mid back cracks and loud low back cracks. Patient was experiencing mid back/mid thoracic pain/tightness into right side low back down his leg. Piriformis syndrome seems like a cause of the pain. Dr Joseph Cipriano is a full body chiropractor that that uses a variety of gonstead chiropractic techniques, full spine chiropractic techniques, diversified chiropractic techniques, petition chiropractic techniques and Thompson chiropractic techniques. First time Y strap chiropractic adjustment.



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20 thoughts on “*SHOOTING* Pain down the LEG Fixed by CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT”

  1. If he did all those exercises in the beginning with no problem, there's nothing wrong with that guy

  2. Is anybody out there having extreme leg pain. I am barely hanging on, this is awful. From the videos Iโ€™ve seen the pain Iโ€™m having is worse than every video Iโ€™ve seen.

  3. I would suggest a less louder shirt ๐Ÿ‘• lmao..idk whatโ€™s more louder, ur shirts or ur talking

  4. Congrats on the channel growth! Keep it up,man. I remember when it was just a few of us lol๐Ÿ‘Œ

  5. sir I have uneven hips and torso it rotated too , any idea how to fix this? I am from pakistan so visiting you isnt an option.

  6. The quality of this video sucks and Iโ€™m ok with this because itโ€™s a dude. Nothing to see here.

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  8. Everyone who came to see a hottie getting adjusted is going to be disappointed, lol.

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