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Why Does it Take So Long to Rehab a House Flip? (Almost Done!)

I flip a lot of houses and it almost always takes me longer than I think it will to get them repaired. You can see all my house flip projects here: We have sold 19 so far this year and have 16 more in inventory.

This is a house that we are almost done with. I bought it about three months ago for 8,000. it needed about ,000 in work and we are going to list it for around 5,000. The house needed quite a bit of work including:

new baths
new kitchen
new floors
new paint
electrical work
hvac work
little things

It does not take our contractor an incredible amount of time to finish a project, but he is not the only one working. It takes a lot of time to get all the little things done. On this house, we had granite installed in the kitchen. We have to wait for the cabinets to be set before the granite can be templated, and then we have to wait for the install. After the granite is in we have to wait for the plumber to come back and install the kitchen faucet and lines.

We have to come black to blue tape all the places that the paint needs touched up on.

We have to wait for the hardwood guys to refinish the floors and very little work can be done while that happens.

We have to wait for the carpet guys to install.

We have to wait for the electrician and heating guys.

One of the cabinet drawers was broken so we have to wait for a replacement.

We needed custom heating vents for this house we have to wait on.

The list goes on and on. If you get everything scheduled well great, but one delay can throw all of that schedule off. Our plumber needs notice, he can’t come with one’s days notice. A lot of this can be done simultaneously, but it all still takes time.

If you are rehabbing houses be prepared!

You can see the before video on this house here:
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20 thoughts on “Rehaba”

  1. I'm new to your channel, can you talk about the prices to replace a window, to put cabinets, painting… Thanks you

  2. Its funny how much of a difference real estate taxes make on the sale price across the country, most of your flips sell around $70-100k more than stuff in my area. But average yearly property taxes would be around $6k or 500 month escrowed in buyers payment.

    Im in similar area in Pennsylvania 45 min from philly hour from nyc

  3. Can tell us in a separate video on what permits you have to do on what work thanks great vids 🙏🏻

  4. Smallest bathtub I've ever seen! How did you find that? I think American Standard discontinued theirs. Nice videos.

  5. I hope you vacuumed out that mess before you put the vent in the wall. I love the kitchen. A lot of cabinets and worktops.

  6. It took us a little over a year to redo our Kitchen, 1/2 bath, mud room and living room.
    Kitchen was a complete gut job, lighting, wiring, plumbing , windows ,moving windows,and door ways,etc…living room was fixing the ceiling, painting and new floors and new stairs going to the second floor, mud room was new floor, new windows and painting and 1/2 bath was painting and floor.

    Remodeling is time consuming. Especially when you work full time and you’re doing the work yourself.

  7. Hey i noticed in most of your video's your rooms have the ceiling painted as the same color as the walls. I wonder why that is? If you're paying a company or a crew to paint have them paint the ceilings a flat white. A. It'll be more eye appealing B. Make the paint on the walls stand out more C. More professional look.

  8. 3 months is realistic… I would account for at least 6 months from acquisition close to actual sale, even for experienced people… some flips may go faster but when u do a total update, it just takes time

  9. Hi, do you offer any internships/shadowing opportunities? I'm currently a junior and tried looking on your site but couldn't find a direct contact. I am willing to fly out to wherever just to be able to see this being done in real time. Thank you.

  10. Do you have a video anywhere that explains how you process tenants? What do you use for background checks and all that fun stuff? Thanks.

  11. Hey love your videos but I'm just curious if you use your pro account from Home Depot to buy Windows or have a contractor buy and install

  12. As someone that does a lot of the remodeling on my rentals, I can vouch for how long "little" things take. Every single thing takes time, just as every little piece of material, down to each screw, costs money.

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