30 thoughts on “Celebrities Get Crazy Spinal Decompression Adjustments!”

  1. Who the hell are these people?? Other than the legendary Bob Odenkirk of course.

  2. Recognized some of the mma dudes but the belle of the ball was the dog whisperer himself, his house is very zen with the incense and the buddha lol

  3. I did this type of therapy in Utah. I had severe pain, debilitating really. Did the therapy for about 6-8 weeks and started feeling some relief after about 3- weeks. But continued and as inflammation started tot subside started specific exercise, and supplementation. I have been 95% better, pain free for over 8 Year’s now thanks to this amazing non- surgical therapy. It saved my life! I can’t say enough about it! Everyone is different, but it is so worth trying. Very natural, noninvasive and works! Good luck to everyone in pain, hope this helps.

  4. Hi Dr Barry, I can not find a single decompression system similar to yours or any at all in my state in Australia. Do you know any other way to do this disk decompression technique ? I really need it. Thanks in advance

  5. Hi Doc,
    I can not find a spinal decompression machine in the state I live in (Australia). Is there any other way or technique to decompress the disks ?
    Thanks in advance

  6. how that can target L5 and S1 ?.. because from that way the belt is set up its going to be pulling all the lumbar disc and vertebrae

  7. Don’t need this. All you need is a good ol ring dinger from your Houston chiropractor dr gary Johnson

  8. hi, ive had severe neck pain that caused lots of symptom to me including numbness, imbalance, weakness, tingling, headache and many more. ive had MRI recently and was diagnosed having posterior cervical disc bulge on c4-6. the doctor suggested 14 sessions therapy for me including DTS, rehab and chiro adjustment. had my 1st DTS and i had to press the emergency button bcause i feel dizzy at few minutes bfore the DTS session ends. and i hv soreness after that and very weak. as i was being told that it shudnt be painful, is that normal if i feel d pain during d process? i noticed that the thing that was placed on my neck( i forgot the name) was too tight, is that supposed to be tight or loose? i mean it supposed to be comfortable right? should i be worry now? will the tightness of equipment causing my nerve to be broken or further damage?

  9. This completely cured me of sciatic nerve pain in 2011 and I have been pain free ever since

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