Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Addictions—SAMHSA TIPS 46 & 47

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AllCEUs Counseling Continuing Education for LPC and LMHC. This course provides a guide to what is commonly referred to as Methadone treatment based on TIP 46 and 47 by SAMHSA. Executive Summary: Along with the increased complexity of the treatment landscape come more challenges for
the administrators who oversee IOT programs. When TIP 8 was written, IOT was seen primarily as a bridge between 28-day inpatient treatment and low-intensity outpatient treatment ormutual-help relapse prevention; most clients were insure privately. IOT programs proved to be adept at filling that treatment gap, and they took on more roles. Public funding sources began to refer more of their Medicaid patients to IOT programs. This development compelled IOT administrators to adapt existing programs and develop new methods to treat diverse clients.

A second force that drove the diversification of IOT programs was managed behavioral health care. Because IOT was cheaper than residential treatment and was being used successfully to treat a wider range of clients, IOT increasingly was seen as a way for managed care organizations (MCOs) to reduce costs. As a result of IOT’s successes and the cost containment it made possible, today IOT is a valuable treatment modality in its own right, in addition to being an intermediate stage in the clinical continuum.

It is possible to recover from co-occurring addiction and mental health issues, and Michael’s House Outpatient Center can help you or your loved one mend broken relationships, sustain sobriety, and build a new, productive and meaningful life.

Our unique, award-winning approach blends compassionate care with research-based methods to treat both substance abuse and the underlying emotional or mental health disorders which can often be the catalyst for addictive behaviors. We focus on healing the whole person: mind, body and spirit. Our comprehensive care methods set clients up for long-term success in recovery.

Located in the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains in Palm Springs, Calif., Michael’s House Outpatient Center provides a unique refuge of healing for individuals seeking recovery in a modern, non-residential setting. Michael’s House Outpatient Center follows a continuum model that supports clients in their transition from residential treatment to everyday life through ongoing support and education.
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