20 thoughts on “*EXTREME BACK CRACKING* Relieves 8 years of BACK PAIN”

  1. Blessings from Nassau Bahamas hey DOC you think you could handle it boy she nice and thick lol..

  2. Chairopractors are absolutely amazing. The first time I went to mine, by back cracked so loud that my stepfather heard it outside in the hallway. I definitely recommend going to a chairopractor if you have back pain. I didn't even realize that I wasn't walking correctly until I walked out of that first appointment.

  3. Hearing cracks from the neck and back on this channel is like baby angels with the voice of a goddess singing to me,people like asmr well I like dr.cip videos.

  4. Doc making her jiggle longer than normal before the y strap for all the boys out there. We know you're a perv, doc.

  5. Hello, I have a question. I've gotten spinal fusion surgery 2 years ago, Aug 10th with be my 3rd year anniversary. I have 24 screws and 2 titanium bars in my back (from neck to tailbone). I got this surgery cause I had 80 degree kyphosis curve in my back. So my question is can I go to a chiropractor even if I have the bars in my back??? Thank you and I love your videos!

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