Why I Got Sober From A Long Term Methamphetamine & Heroin Addiction – Drug Rehab

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Why I Got Sober From A Long Term Methamphetamine & Heroin Addiction - Drug Rehab

Why did I get sober from methamphetamine and a nasty heroin addiction? What caused me to go into drug rehab to stop the drug addiction?

In this video I talk about the end to my addiction and alcoholism. Once a hopeless alcoholic, I always perceived a bottom as a singular event. Looking back I realized my bottom was a accumulation of events correlated to my drug use.

20 thoughts on “Why I Got Sober From A Long Term Methamphetamine & Heroin Addiction – Drug Rehab”

  1. Did you ever used amphetamine i mean just oldscool amfetamine.im from holland and there is no methamfetamine or in very smal scale in holland we call it speed or pep or amfetamine but its no methaphetamine.normal amfetamine Works 6 till 8 hours you can snor it or put in your drink but you can not smoke it.if you ever did i realy wanna know if its that bad as meth?greatings from holland.great channel btw

  2. So you quit because you realized couldn’t control your use? What if you actually could control your use, would you still quit?

  3. you get sober because you must grow up some day and find out that your not in high school anymore

  4. You can't Love anyone else until You learn to love yourself first.
    Choose to Live a better way…Sober & Clean.
    Bravo to all who learn this Wisdom.

  5. When he said “I’ll never do it again and an hour later I was using..” bro that’s my life right now just relapsed after 3 months clean and after a 3 day binge I now realize why I left in the first place. Thanks for the motivation bro

  6. Good video. I'm still wondering.. was your economical situation a (perhaps a big) partial contributor to you wanting to quit? Because I'd imagine if you had like 500 extra dollars to spend at that particular moment, you'd be extremely tempted to go out and buy a few days, or even a week's worth of pure bliss in the form of a simple substance. I'd be interested to know if that was a part of your decision making in that moment you decided to quit.

  7. Cg Kid …. excellent point. We in addiction are always told that we must reach a rock bottom !.Well I know people who have lost a  business, their children, gone to prison or lost limbs ! and its still NOT enough !!!It without a doubt is realising the whole existence around using is 'rock bottom'.Much respect

  8. I watch all your videos to satisfy my curiosity about drugs,which I know I´m too scared/sensible to ever try. Thank you for sharing your stories and stay strong and clean.
    p.s. you truly have beautiful hair

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