Emotional Release from 10 years of Back Pain RELIEF with Dr. Rahim Chiropractic

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40 thoughts on “Emotional Release from 10 years of Back Pain RELIEF with Dr. Rahim Chiropractic”

  1. Alan Harper who? 😂 This guy is so funny, and she is the perfect side kick for a video like this.

  2. INR is this treatment available in Australia?
    I also have a Neurological condition, Cervical Dystonia ,so I have a Neurologist.
    Should I discuss options with him?
    I have an appointment with him tomorrow @ 12.30,Tuesday 4th December.
    It's now 21:54 Mon 3rd Dec.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

  3. WOW!
    I am so happy for you!
    I have been diagnosed with Spondylosithesis only about a month ago.
    Despite having chronic pain every day,for the past 3 years.
    I am so annoyed that the Dr that I was going to before the diagnosis, sent me for CT scans and Xrays, and diagnosed me with Osteoarthritis in the hips.
    I also have sciatica.
    The pain has been worsening.The last year and a half,my mobility has decreased,pain worsened.
    I watched this video and cried, because I know that pain.The pain that is with you all the time, just the severity that fluctuates.
    When you said that you didn't realize how much pain you actually had, I understood exactly what you meant, and I know that it's because there is nothing we can do to stop it,except take pain medication and hope that it will ease it so you can sleep, or not feel excruciating pain 100% of the time.
    At it's best, my pain may lower to a 6.5,or 7 out of 10.
    I am angry that my old Dr kept telling me that it's only my sciatica giving me pain.
    I know the difference.
    He would have been given the results of my Xrays and CT scan last year, including the report, which my new Dr was sent from the imaging place where I had them done.
    My old Dr was given the report and results.
    He did not even mention Spondylosithesis to me.
    I am still awaiting my new Dr to discuss options with specialist,neuro.
    I am on MS Contin twice a day,Codalgin,Endone and Meloxicam.
    I am going to show my Dr your video. As I'm in Australia, I am unsure if this treatment is available?
    Thankyou for sharing your story.
    I cried when you were able to move your legs, without pain, for the first time in years. Also when you walked down the corridor.
    I look forward to experiencing that moment.
    I hope you continue to be living your life to the fullest, pain free with full mobility and quality of life.
    Love and Blessings to you.💖💖💖 xxx

  4. I need this now. I'm so tired of my lower back hurting. All the pills I take are not helping.

  5. Hello INR, I was wondering If this could help with my DDD and I have been in pain for 10 years now for 24/7. Would this inj help? Tks

  6. It's always magical to see someone get healed instantly…………………HAppy for her.☺️😊

  7. I’ve been suffering with severe sciatic pain since my last pregnancy. I can move and stuff, so it’s not as bad as hers. But it’s such a sharp pain throughout the day especially when I’m in bed and I switch sides. Some days are worse than others. Some days I limp all day.

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