My journey through intensive outpatient drug treatment – Intro

This is my introduction which just explains who I am, why I’m doing this, where my addiction began etc. I have no clue what kind of response I will get from this but I’d hope that I don’t get negative or nasty feedback. Despite whatever you may think of me or my story, this is my life and I’m really putting myself out there by doing this so please keep that in mind before commenting. Thank you
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(888)381-6994 intensive outpatient program definition, also known as IOP, is the most flexible treatment option with the least restrictions. Beginnings Treatment Centers features an intensive outpatient program specifically designed for individuals struggling with addiction and dual diagnosis issues.

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Intensive Outpatient Treatment

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Our IOP program is administered at our modern and well-appointed Orange County Clinical Addiction Treatment Center. Meeting three mornings a week, clients are able to receive exceptional treatment while maintaining their work or school commitments. Clients may live at home, or at a sober living residence, depending on their situation and treatment plan.

With our intensive outpatient rehab, you have the support of your counselor and treatment peers as you navigate the everyday challenges of early recovery.

Highlights of the Intensive Outpatient Program:

PhD Level Psychologists along with Licensed Therapists
Relapse Prevention Classes
Mindfulness and Meditation Training
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Stress Management Techniques
Guided Imagery Training
Nutritional Advice
Family Dynamics Exploration
Interpersonal Skills Workshops

Southern California Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

Beginnings Treatment Centers provide modern and effective programs for the treatment of substance abuse addiction and alcoholism.

Our addiction treatment centers are located in beautiful and sunny Southern California in Orange County, which has one of the strongest and most active recovery communities in the United States.

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5 thoughts on “My journey through intensive outpatient drug treatment – Intro”

  1. Thank you for sharing. Have considered going to treatment & you've inspired me to go.

  2. Hey Elly,
    I just recently put up MY very first video about my journey through addictions. Most of what you said in your video describes what I went through as well. Especially when you mentioned how no one really knew how bad it really was.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your story. I know how much courage it took to upload it. So thank you 🙂


  3. Great job sis! Very powerful. If you do get negative/nasty comments just delete them ~ I'm told there are people who will post nasty things just to hurt your feelings…it is called "trolling".

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